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What is a V1?

V1 stands for one-person va’a. The Tahitian term va’a is used to differentiate it from an OC-1 (one-person outrigger canoe). V1s are traditionally defined by an open cockpit and no rudder.

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One of the most unknown sports in Europe is outrigger canoeing. Sure, most people know an outrigger from the movies or some publication, or have seen it somewhere in Polynesia, but most don’t really know the sport, what it’s capable of, and how fun it is from flat water to actually “surfing”. This video demonstrates the “surfing” aspect of this amazing sport. Watch a downwind surf crossing with Kai Bartlett and Bobby Pratt. Pure downwind surfing.

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The Feline is the world’s smallest outrigger canoe. Its smaller dimensions (5.12m long and 40cm wide) mean that it is not only easy to store but also a model that demonstrates formidable efficiency in downwind conditions. It never crashes head first into waves and handles incredibly well. Beginners will be particularly fond of its ease of use when taking off initially, while experienced rowers will be amazed by the amount of time it can surf along waves, as well as its ease in moving from one to the next. The Feline is also extremely capable of upwind conditions, where its small dimensions come into their own. Its spaciousness (319 liters) makes it accessible to those of a larger build. The Feline is truly the product of all of our experience to date.

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Red Bull Wa’a Takes Outrigger Canoe Paddling by Storm

Awesome profile of the Red Bull Wa’a team based out of Hawaii. Their goal is simply to beat the best out there: the Tahitians, a question of pride…

Before endurance and water sports existed, there was canoe paddling. Initially, a vehicle used to hunt and fight has now become one of the largest growing fitness and endurance sports in the world. The U.S. outrigger canoe paddling team from Kona, the Red Bull Wa’a, have taken the age-old sport by storm and challenged the tenure of the Tahitian paddlers. For the Red Bull Wa’a, paddling isn’t just a means to peak personal strength – it’s spiritual. Team captain, Kainoa Tanoai, says “When you’re paddling for four hours a day, you’re focused on the goal of competing at the highest level, but you’re also focused on being one with the ocean and respecting the canoe, your teammates, and the sport.

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