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Downwind Camp Guadeloupe

In January 2020 we bring you the opportunity to learn or improve your down-wind paddling skills with Woo Outrigger in the tropical seas of Guadeloupe. If you are the owner of an OC1 or regularly practice paddling as a part of a club and want to start your downwind career in a safe environment, then this is the course for you!

Guadeloupe - Saint François
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Who is Woo

The Woo brand is born from a passion for outrigger canoeing, Woo canoes are considered to offer the highest performance in the market and have been designed to give you the added inch on your competition – whether paddling recreationally or competitively, Woo has the right fit for you. The Woo downwind camp will give you the chance to paddle these world-class OC1’s as well as benefit from excellent coaching from both Guy Ringrave and Benoit Arribat – with a combined outrigger paddling experience for over twenty years. Benoit combines his passion for OC with his role as a physical and mental coach for the French Olympic sailing team and will help you to develop an individual program of muscular strengthening to ensure you are well prepared to get the most out of the camp.



Our villa offers a luxurious place to relax after a day’s paddling. Comprising of 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, the 249m² accommodation is situated just 300m from the lagoon, has a panoramic view and tropical garden to enjoy and unwind in. The villa is ideally located for you to take advantage of your free time. Bicycles are available to visit the surrounding area and explore the many sights it offers.

COURSE PROGRAMMELevel 1 CourseLevel 2 Course
SundayBriefing, getting to know your canoe for the week, mastering balance, how to re-enter your canoe, tour of the bay departing from the hotel beach.Going over the fundamentals on the beach of the hotel: paddling techniques, lightening of the ama and surfing on the beach waves.
MondayPaddling technique lesson, how to ease the outrigger while paddling, tour departing from the hotel beach.Shuttle bus to St Rose. First downwind in the lagoon of the Grand Cul-de-sac: 9.3 miles of rolling turquoise waters to Deshaie.
TuesdayDepart for a trip in the mangrove where you will discover the immense diversity of fauna and flora all while perfecting your paddling technique. Meet at the parking lot of the hotel to leave in a minibus for Basse-Terre.Shuttle bus to Petit-Canal in the Grand-Cul-de-sac lagoon. 12.5 miles of rolling water until St Rose and its mangrove.
WednesdayDepart for a trip to discover the Caouane islet in the lagoon of the Grand Cul-de-sac. First sensations of the surf carried by the tailwinds.Shuttle bus to Pointe des Chateaux, situated at the endpoint of Grande Terre. Downwind on the ocean until Saint-François: 9.3 miles of training in cross swells. Learning to stay the course.
ThursdayFirst Downwind of the week: St Rose, Deshaies (green route). 9.3 miles of surf on turquoise waters.Shuttle bus to St. François. Downwind on the ocean until Saint-Anne. 15.5 miles.
FridayDepending on the conditions and level reached, return to St Rose or the more challenging downwind (blue route) on the Atlantic coast south of Grand Terre.You get to choose: return to the rolling waters of the lagoon of the Grand Cul-de Sac or Downwind on the ocean !