PUEO CARBON: Carbon, sandwich PVC Foam, epoxy resin

Length: 6.10m

Weight: About 11kg

Fittings: Aluminum pedals, stainless steel cables, aluminum Iakos, storage net on the back. 

The PUEO Outrigger is custom built for you and is available by a waitlist. The current production time is about 8 weeks. Please contact us for customisation options.



The Pueo is an outrigger canoe we don’t need to present anymore, every outrigger paddler knows the Pueo is THE star of the contests. The first canoe designed thanks to CADP (Computer Aided Design and Production), It is also the first to include composite material, carbon fibers, sandwiching PVC foam. This unique construction makes the PUEO extremely solid (and shock-proof), while keeping its lightness. Easily recognized thanks to its “like no other” ama, the Pueo combines efficiency and simplicity…