KAMANU CARBON: Carbon, sandwich PVC Foam, epoxy resin

Length: 13.2m

Weight: About 85kg

KAMANU FIBERGLASS: Fiberglass, sandwich PVC Foam, epoxy resin

Length: 13.2m

Weight: About 110kg

The KAMANU Outrigger is custom built for you and is available by a waitlist. The current production time is about 8 weeks. Please contact us for customisation options.

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The Kamanu V6 is the product of experience built up during new and unlimited race types in Hawaii. Free from the constraints of traditional dimensions, the designers were able to stray from conventional designs and make more innovations with the Kamanu over the course of five years than over the past twenty. The Kamanu is a highly performance-enhanced outrigger canoe designed for surfing, regardless of sea and wind conditions. The V6’s ability to glide over the slightest undulating water surface with ease is impressive. The Kamanu is available in an ‘unlimited’ edition, which weighs 80kg. It also comes in a fiberglass version, weighing in at 110kg.